How you can help now

DONATE  Transportation, legal fees, time, energy- we’ve been dropping time, $$$, blood, sweat and tears because this effort is that important.


We definitely need the help- and we’ll look to get back to you within 24 hours. Legal help, marketing, re posting, volunteer coordination, outreach, brains, brawn, budget, beauty, bowling, come on in, if you believe in being free no matter your race religion, gender. 



The Plan

We the people are in charge

There’s a lot you can do, please do a lot.

  1. File the case- CHECK!
  2. Continue recruiting legal team- Help!
  3. Plantiffs and evidence gathering- Still working!
  4. Raise funds for legal team-HELP!
  5. Plan March(s)- Help!
  6. Storm DC, to demand Justice be done, the people’s petition for grievances be heard! Not Yet!
  7. Come back again to pressure the outcome Not Yet!


The basis for the case is simple- getting the courts to take it seriously, is not. It is stretching what has happened before, but the legal basis is real, the complaint is real, the legal process was subverted, mandated actions were not taken, and the Courts CAN and MUST rule on this, when called upon to do so. People power MUST be demonstrated, and demonstrated in the streets.

Crosscheck- interstate program to deny the right to vote

Interstate Crosscheck program,supposed to solve double voting provides justification for massive voter purges, that disproportionately affect Asian Americans, as well as black and Hispanic Americans.Used in 27 states, with more than 7 million people on their lists, matching only first and last names. Donald L Williams of Ohio is the same as Donald H Williams of Virginia, and probably drives 8 hours to vote in both places??!!

We are conducting investigations into this currently.

Brett Sablosky

Brett is the Director of the Committee for Powerful Constitutional Rights, originally from Chicago. Knowing these issues would never be addressed unless they were taken to court, he packed up from Chicago and moved to DC to make the case- if it’s not made now, the next time will be after the next election.

Unqualified Electors means he never made 270 votes

Nearly 50 of the electors who voted for Donald Trump as President elect were disqualified by federal and/or state law, so he never made the 270 necessary to become President. Government office holders are ineligible to be electors and in several places you must be from the district you represent to be an elector. A technicality you say? Well, so is the electoral college, but we seem to still accept that..