Baseball and the Electoral College

As an example of the absurd unfairness of the Electoral College assignment of values of popular votes, let us imagine a World Series Championship baseball game, between two separate baseball leagues. The Northern baseball league consists of the liberal baseball players, whose home runs and base runs count mathematically as 1.0 points for each run. The Southern baseball league consists of conservative players, who home runs and base runs count mathematically as 1.5 points for each run. Clearly, in order for the Northern baseball league to win the World Series against the Southern baseball league, the Northern baseball league is going to have to make up greater than 1.5 times the number of runs that the Southern baseball league scores. And, in fact, in order for the Northern baseball league to win the World Series against the Southern baseball league, the Northern baseball league is going to have to score about 1.6 times the number of total runs that the Southern baseball league scores. Every baseball fan would realize this is an absurd, unfair, idiotic scoring system. Yet this is exactly how we elect the President of the United States. Would the Baseball Commission of the Northern liberal team allow such an unfair tabulating system of computing baseball scores on the playing field? Obviously this is fundamentally unfair. The only solution is for the governing body of baseball to change the scoring rules, so that each team’s homeruns or runs generate an equal number of point as 1 unit run mathematically for both the Northern and Southern league baseball teams.

Annulling Trump because of unqualified electors

A number of attorneys investigated and found that Donald Trump received about 260 electoral votes. The attorneys found that about 46 of the electoral votes received by Donald Trump were from unqualified electors. Thus those 46 electoral votes were null and void. That means that Donald Trump was never legally elected president and that Donald Trump can be removed or annulled from office by a court order from any federal court.
The Donald Trump electors who ran outside of the Congressional District of their own residence/legal voting address are void electors as a matter of both state and federal law. Donald Trump electors who held part or full time federal or state or county or municipal or state subdivision jobs are unqualified electors who cast void electoral votes that could not be legally counted by the US Senate.The plaintiff, myself, are claiming in US District Court of the District of Columbia that Trump was not elected that a new presidential primary and presidential election are necessary to elect a president who is legally qualified as president under Article I, Clauses 1,2,3,4 of the US Constitution. We are asking the US District Court to issue a writ of mandamus ordering the US Senate to reduce the number of electoral votes that Donald Trump received to 260 and declare Trump to be unqualified. See Title 3 Section 1-12 and specifically Title 3 Section 19 ( c ) (1). and order Trump removed from office temporarily and in accordance with the statute, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul D. Ryan will be appointed president pro tempore pending a new primary election and a new presidential general election.
We are prepared to appeal this case all the way to the US Supreme Court. The case number is 1:16-cv-02528 RBW in the US District Court for the District of Columbia, Bret Sablosky v. Mitch McConnell et. al. We are currently in process of having attorneys gather evidence about electors from Boards of Elections in 30 states and from employers of certain electors in about 21 states. By state law in most of the 50 states electors who cast votes in the Electoral College are required to run in their Congressional District of Residence where they are qualified and registered to vote. State law prohibits electors from being employed full time or part time by a state, a state subdivision body, agency, municipality, city, county, or any government agency of a state. Any such elector who cast an electoral vote is an unqualified elector and those electoral votes are void and cannot be counted toward a presidential candidates electoral vote total. Thus Donald Trump and Mike Pence were never elected president and vice president and are currently serving illegally.

The Plan

We the people are in charge

There’s a lot you can do, please do a lot.

  1. File the case- CHECK!
  2. Continue recruiting legal team- Help!
  3. Plantiffs and evidence gathering- Still working!
  4. Raise funds for legal team-HELP!
  5. Plan March(s)- Help!
  6. Storm DC, to demand Justice be done, the people’s petition for grievances be heard! Not Yet!
  7. Come back again to pressure the outcome Not Yet!


The basis for the case is simple- getting the courts to take it seriously, is not. It is stretching what has happened before, but the legal basis is real, the complaint is real, the legal process was subverted, mandated actions were not taken, and the Courts CAN and MUST rule on this, when called upon to do so. People power MUST be demonstrated, and demonstrated in the streets.